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Microscheme, or (ms) for short, is a functional programming language for the Arduino, and for Atmel 8-bit AVR microcontrollers in general. Microscheme is a subset of Scheme, in the sense that every valid (ms) program is also a valid Scheme program (with the exception of Arduino hardware-specific primitives). The (ms) compiler performs function inlining, and features an aggressive tree-shaker, eliminating unused top-level definitions. Microscheme has a robust FFI (Foreign Function Interface) meaning that C code may be invoked directly from (ms) programs. Therefore, the power of the existing wealth of Arduino libraries is available within Microscheme.


;; Hello World in Microscheme!

(include 'libraries/')

(define foo 'Hi, ')
(define bar 'from Scheme!')

(for-each-vector write (vector-concat foo bar))


microscheme -u -m UNO -d /dev/ttyUSB0


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