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Neovim is a refactor, and sometimes redactor, in the tradition of Vim (which itself derives from Stevie). It is not a rewrite but a continuation and extension of Vim. Many clones and derivatives exist, some very clever—but none are Vim. Neovim is built for users who want the good parts of Vim, and more.


  • Enable new contributors, remove barriers to entry.
  • Unblock plugin authors.
  • Develop first-class Lua/LuaJIT scripting alternative to VimL.
  • Target all platforms supported by libuv.
  • Leverage ongoing Vim development.
  • Optimize out of the box, for new users but especially regular users.
  • Deliver consistent cross-platform experience.
  • In matters of taste/ambiguity, favor tradition/compatibility...
  • ...but prefer usability if the benefits are extreme.


  • Turn Vim into an IDE
  • Limit third-party applications (such as IDEs!) built with Neovim
  • Deprecate VimL
  • POSIX vi-compatibility


sudo apt install neovim


curl -fLo ~/.local/share/nvim/site/autoload/plug.vim --create-dirs \

nvim ~/.config/nvim/init.vim

call plug#begin("~/.vim/plugged")
    Plug 'itchyny/lightline.vim'
call plug#end()

syntax on
set encoding=utf8
set textwidth=79
set tabstop=4
set softtabstop=4
set shiftwidth=4
set autoindent
set expandtab
set smarttab
set laststatus=2
set ignorecase
let g:lightline={'colorscheme': 'wombat',}
colorscheme default
hi MatchParen cterm=none ctermbg=gray ctermfg=black


© 2000-2018 by Daniel Pimentel (d4n1). Under MIT.